Welcome to this week’s beauty review. Today, I shall be talking about two Black Opal products; the True Color Perfecting Primer and the True Color Creme Stick Foundation.

Black Opal 2

This is the perfecting primer and I was gifted the shade ‘Fair’. I actually didn’t know they came in darker shades until I was doing research online about the product.

DSC_0040 (1280x853)

It doesn’t have the consistency of regular silicone primers, instead it looks and feels like a cream.

DSC_0042 (1280x853)

Here, I applied some dots to my face and blended it into my skin. I thought it would make me look white/grey (since it’s for fairer skintones) but it didn’t!

Black Opal 5

It has minimal coverage and some shimmer to it. I would say it’s more of a tinted moisturizer and not a primer. The bottle says it has a ‘pore-less finish’ but I could still still my pores.

VERDICT – If you are looking for a lightweight tinted moisturizer for a natural/no-makeup makeup look, then this is the product for you. I set my face with some powder and I looked very natural and glowy. I like how it held up as well with my oily skin; it didn’t move much plus I didn’t shine like the sun.


Black Opal 1

This is the creme stick foundation and I was gifted the shade ‘Beautiful Bronze’.

Black Opal 3

Whenever I am gifted foundation, I am always worried that the shade will be wrong and I won’t be able to review it effectively. But boy, I was wrong about this one!

DSC_0007 (1280x853)

A couple of swipes on the side of my hand. The texture is smooth and velvety.

DSC_0008 (1280x853)

Blended right into my hand but that’s

not even the best part about this foundation.

DSC_0012 (1280x853)

This is the side of my face I didn’t apply any foundation. You can see my acne scars and the darkness under my eyes.

Black Opal 4

BAM! This is the side with foundation. Covers everything! Every single thing. There is still some darkness under my eyes but keep in mind I actually didn’t color correct so this is really good coverage!

VERDICT – Go buy it now. It blends so well, has great coverage and has a velvet/matte finish. Worked so well on my oily skin and it lasted a whileeeeeee. I wore this foundation to the Jidenna concert and when I got home, it was still on my face!

WHERE TO BUY – You can get these and other Black Opal products from Iyaoloja.

Have you ever tired any Black Opal product? What did you think about them? Let me know in the comments below!

Stay fab!


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