Welcome to the weekly beauty review! Today, I will be talking about the HVS Deluxe eye and brow palette.

HVS Deluxe is a womenswear, accessories and beauty brand that just recently popped up on my IG and they just launched their beauty line with the eye and brow palette.

The palette is small, cute and very easy to carry around. Packaging is sturdy and strong. If you drop it, it doesn’t look like it will break.

Here are the shades inside the palette. The first thing I thought when I saw this palette was that ‘there is no brown dark enough for my brows here’. I also saw a brown smokey eye just staring right at me.

The palette comes with a dual ended brush, one side has an angled brush for applying product to your brows and the other side has a tiny sponge which is to blend eyeshadow.

Swatches of the shades on my hand.

Here is a photo of the eye and brow I did using this palette:

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I have mixed reviews on this product.

For eyeshadow, it works very well. I was able to make a great smokey eye with these shades. They are very soft so you have to be careful when you blend it so else you will blend it all away. When i was doing my eye look, I felt like it needed one more shade of brown – a darker shade – to help define the crease cos it’s not all the time you want to use black eyeshadow for a smokey look.

For brows, the darkest brown made my brows look ashy. It wasn’t dark enough and instead, made it look weird. I had to use the black shadow for my brows in that photo and I’m not really a fan of using black for brows. Again, this palette would do so well with a darker shade of brown to help darker skinned ladies like me to fill in my brows.


You can buy this palette from their website -> www.hvsdeluxe.com 

Follow them on IG for more info -> https://www.instagram.com/hvsdeluxe/

What do you think of this palette? Have you ever used this palette before? Let me know what you think of this palette and my review in the comment section?

Stay fab!


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