Hey everyone and welcome to today’s beauty review. I know I haven’t done any of these acheter viagra in a while but if I don’t get new products to use and review, there will be no review posts! There is only so much of my budget I can spend on makeup and skincare. Let God help my hustle and you guys will be getting reviews every week.

Today, I’ll be talking about two Ovelly Naturals skincare products. I’ll be talking about the Brightening Body Scrub and the Brightening body butter. I got these two products a few weeks ago and I have used them both enough to tell you my thoughts on them.

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Let’s start with the Ovelly Naturals Brightening Body Scrub.

The Brightening Body Scrub is sugar based scrub but it also has coffee grounds in it which was a wonderful surprise. I loved how the sugar and coffee granules felt on my skin.

It is made with turmeric which is why it has that bright yellow color. Turmeric is great for brighting the skin naturally.

Here is the scrub on my hand. I use the scrub all over my body (except my face).

My favorite thing about this scrub is the fact it does not leave any residue when you rinse it off. Some scrubs have oils that leave residue after you use them. I don’t mind the residue sometimes but I’m glad this one doesn’t.

Let’s move on to the Ovelly Naturals Brightening Body Butter

The ingredients of the body butter shows you how great this product is. Look at it. Look at the oilssssss! Those oils are known for doing great things for the skin and I can testify to that.

The body butter is light and whipped. Smells like bubblegum and feels great on the skin. I advice you apply it right after you shower so you can trap the moisture on your skin using the body butter.

VERDICT: I love the Ovelly Naturals skincare products. As you can see, I’m almost done with the body scrub and that’s cos I love it so much. The scrub is perfect for getting rid of dead skin cells and making your skin soft and smooth. The body butter is lovely and smells like bubble gum. Moisturizes the skin and keeps it looking nice and radiant all day long.

WHERE TO BUY: Reach out to them via their Instagram page. Tell them I sent you!

What do you think? Have you ever used anything from this brand? Will you be purchasing anything from them? Do let me know in the comment section below!

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