Hello there! Welcome to this week’s beauty review! Today, I’ll be discussing the new Taos Cosmetics Liquid Glass lipsticks. These came out very recently (I think two/three weeks ago) and I was gifted the entire set of lipsticks.

The Taos Cosmetics liquid glass lipsticks comes in four shades; three regular and one metallic. They are described as having the ‘staying power and pigmentation of liquid lipsticks but with the shine of a lipgloss’. They def not liquid lipsticks as they don’t dry down to a matte finish. They are like a very pigmented lipgloss/lipstick combo.

The Taos Cosmetics Liquid Glass comes in the regular Taos Cosmetics packaging with a doe foot applicator. The packaging shows the color of the lippie and bottom has the shade name.

Swatches of the Taos Cosmetics Liquid Glass. From L – R: Caramel Flakes (true metallic gold), Sugar n Spice (red), Sweet Tooth (a purple toned pink) and Creme Brulee (a slight pink toned nude)

Creme Brulee settles and separates. This didn’t happen with the other ones.

Now, lip swatches!

Creme Brulee

Sweet Tooth

Sugar n Spice

Caramel Flakes

VERDICT: I’m going to break down this review by the shades because each one performs differently and I can’t give a general statement about them all:

Creme Brulee: A bit patchy on application (as you can see above) and adding more makes your lips thick and goopy. It’s a great nude color and I want to mix it with other products (such as a lip liner) to create a perfect nude lip. Has a scent I can’t place.

Sweet Tooth: A beautiful purple pink that I want to wear everywhere. It’s a bit patchy but not like Creme Brulee but it layers very well. Has a sweet smell.

Sugar n Spice: Beautiful shade of red that applied evenly and opaque. No need for several layers. Very pigmented and not patchy at all. Will be wearing this a lot. No smell

Caramel Flakes: A true metallic gold with a shine like no other. I’m trying to figure out how I can wear this in public without looking crazy lool. Would be great for editorials and photo shoots. Applied evenly and not patchy. Also very pigmented and has a nice smell (not sweet

Overall: Get them. Creme Brulee may have some patchy issues but a good lip liner will help you there. The staying power is great and they are pigmented. Would recommend these if you don’t like liquid lipsticks but want something that lasts like one

WHERE TO BUY: You can buy them from any House of Tara stores nationwide and they are available on www.taoscosmetics.com

What do you think of this review? Will you be getting any of these? Let me know in the comment section below!

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