Hello and welcome to the weekly beauty review! Today, I’ll be talking about the Ulta Brow Duo, a gift I got in a goodie bag from an event.

The Ulta Brow Duo has two sides as you can see from the photo above; the brow side and the highlighter side. I have the one in the shade ‘Brunette’.

This is the brow side of the brow duo. I knew brunette would be too light but I still tried it.

This is the highlighter side. It has a pink undertone and blends out almost white-ish.

Swatches on my hand.

Here is the Ulta Brow Duo in action. I took this picture after adding black shadow to the edges to darken it up. Brunette is really light on me but I still loved using it.

VERDICT: This product is easy to use and simple. Blends like a dream and the highlighter part is really nice. Only issue is that it wasn’t my shade but I’ll manage.

WHERE TO BUY: Everywhere I looked online, it was sold out. If you’re in the US and you visit an Ulta store, you can pick it up.

Have you ever used a product like this before? Let me know in the comment section below!

Stay fab!


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