Vintage Fendi Bag | Target Wedges| H&M Skinny jeans| Tee from an old friend back in Nigeria | Forever Favorites denim shirt made into a vest| Target Leopard print sunglasses

Photo credits: Gwen Craig 

Bootcamp is almost over! I can’t wait for some time to myself again! Been missing out on so many things fashion and blogwise. I’m planning on spending the two week break with my cousins in Maryland so I will be surrounded by family and love.

All my outfit posts will be named with song titles (corny I know). The title depends on what song describes my mood that day or what song describes my outfit. When I was dressing up, I was going for the rockstar vibe and was inspired by Rihanna’s love for denim outfits.

If you notice, I have changed a few things on the website. Updates and specials on the blog will now be under the ‘Omoge News and Updates section’. ‘Fashion in music’ is no longer there. We now have a street style section which will have it’s first Syracuse street style post soon.

Hope everyone enjoys the rest of their week! Stay tuned for more! OmogeMuRa is going to unveil something new next week! Get ready!!!



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Darling, you don’t blog about anything from Target. Please, never again.


Why? Cos it’s cheap?
I blog to bring a new side to the Nigerian girl; the girl that can’t afford Gucci or JBL. So if I see something I like in any store and I can afford it, I buy. I saw the wedges in Target and thought they would make a great addition to my wardrobe. Should I lie about where I purchase my clothing items because you think it’s cheap?
So if that makes you not want to read my blog because I wear Target and blog about it, by all means there are other blogs that may be to your taste. I will continue wearing their items and will blog about it.


If it looks nice and it’s good quality, I don’t see why we shouldn’t buy it and wear it. And if you can wear something, why should you be ashamed to blog about it? Go Deola! Keep on blogging your Target purchases.

Any thoughts?

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