From wedding receptions to child showers to birthday parties, photo booths are extremely popular. Skip the costly rental and make a unique stall with props and scenery for your next gathering or occasion utilizing our step-by-step directions and free printable formats, with the help of kande photo booths.

The Camera Equipment

A digital simple-to-use camera works superbly for a DIY photo booth. You’ll additionally require a tripod that is sufficiently tall to reach out to eye level and a remote shutter release for the camera (accessible on the web or at camera shops.) A remote shutter release enables visitors to take their own photograph, giving you a chance to appreciate the gathering as opposed to playing photographer throughout the night. Some attach to the camera with a link, others work wirelessly.

The Lighting

For a really proficient photo booth, great lighting is an absolute necessity. A spotlight and photography umbrella (available on the web or at camera supply shops) diffuses the light and adds a complimenting sparkle to people’s appearances. On the off chance that you opt against lighting gear, turn your camera’s flash on or put a floor lamp next to the camera facing the background.

The Backdrop

This is the place you get the chance to flaunt your creative aptitudes. Printed fabric backdrops are most normal; however why confine you to locally acquired choices? Make one that adds life to the photographs.


Make a chevron-inspired setting with dark foam board, a glue stick and jumbo gold sequins. Draw the chevron stripes utilizing a ruler, at that point fill in columns of sequins. For a more beautiful setting, try dripping the tips of espresso filters into multi-shaded fabric colors, then joining to a foam board for a floral impact. For a more straightforward setting, hang a segment of Kraft paper and paint it with gold stripes or polka dots.

The Props

An assortment of props keeps things fun and visitors intrigued. Don’t know where to search for props? Begin with your own storage room: that furry scarf you got as gift yet never wore, those plush gloves that belonged to your incredible auntie and that fascinator you wore to the races would all be able to become kitschy props. Request that your companions search their own storage rooms for comparable things.

Next, hit up thrift stores, vintage shops and estate deals in your general vicinity. Search for objects like cameras, musical instruments, telescopes, binoculars, amplifying glasses, old ship and car steering wheels, picture frames, necklaces, clocks, tea cups, phones, bags, vintage pieces, books, antlers and practically anything that is sufficiently extensive to appear in a photo. To limit the prop alternatives, pick a subject or time to work from.

A writing slate or dry-erase board gives visitors a chance to make their own custom messages. Purchase your own cheap model, or make your own utilizing a bit of wood and a photo frame. Printable props can likewise add whimsy to your photograph stall. Download kande photo booths’ accumulation of printable props and gather them before your event begins.

The Location

While picking where to set up your photo booth in the event space, search for a zone that doesn’t deter the flow of the gathering, however is still effortlessly accessible. Regardless of the possibility that you are setting-up a huge social event, you needn’t bother with a ton of area to set up the photo booth. Tip: Hallways are often underutilized as social occasions; a wide foyer can be a perfect spot for a photo booth.

The Setup

Once you’ve picked the area, clear all wall decor and furniture from the space. In the event that there are windows in the space, cover them with a dark fabric to guarantee that the flash appropriately lights the photographs. Next, measure the wall space to design the extent of the scenery. Utilize painter’s tape to mark the territory on the wall for direction.

Mount the camera on the tripod and place it a couple of feet far from the wall. Frame the shot and angle the camera in like manner. Ask somebody to remain in front from the camera while you outline the shot. Utilizing painters tape, make an X on the floor to mark the spot for the tripod and the middle and outer limits where visitors can stand for photographs. Set up remote shutter release and test before the event starts.

Create a prop station and display things visitors can get to pose with. After the gathering, make an online collection of the considerable number of shots from the photo booth, or send every visitor a print as a card to say thanks or keepsake favor.

What do you think? I think this is a fun DIY project that anyone can do! Let me know what you think in the description box below!


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