Dress, sunglasses and spiked necklace: Forever21 | Shoes and and spiked headband: Urbanog (online retialer) | Bag: Kiki Kamanu (gifted by Michi of Style Cravings)


Love the dress and the way it flows and moves around my legs. The booties were too sexy to pass up when I saw them online! My wallet my never forgive me for it.

Settle Down (No Doubt’s first single in six years) is the perfect name for this post and this outfit. My dress kept moving around as I walked everywhere and my bag kept swinging about as I moved. I was confused and wondering if my dress had a mind of it’s own but I forgot about it later.

As you are reading this right now, Bootcamp is over! News writing and graphics was hell on my poor self but I made it in the end. Heading to Maryland tomorrow to spend some quality time with family. Can’t wait!


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