Creating the ultimate look doesn’t mean you need to have a billionaire budget. You can find stylish items and look your best even when your bank account can’t really handle the heat. Here are some clever tips to help you shop like a stylist even on a student’s budget.

1. Find your right fit and colour

Anything will look better on you if you are wearing the right size and the right colours. You can turn even the cheapest pair of jeans into a fashion item just by guaranteeing they don’t look baggy or too tight. Therefore, the first rule of shopping on a budget is to learn what patterns, cuts and colours suit you. Once you are aware of this, you won’t waste your precious budget on pieces that aren’t going to look good on you. Furthermore, you should also know your size – this ensures you don’t buy ill-fitting clothing and end up with things on the wardrobe you’ll never even wear.

2. Focus on the essentials

You should have a few essentials on your wardrobe to guarantee you look stylish at all occasions. These should be the investment pieces and those that last a long-time. The classics are good for accessorising with current patterns and colours. What are the essentials? You need classic jeans, a basic black blazer, a cocktail dress in your chosen colour, black or brown pumps, a white and a black t-shirt and a lightly coloured cardigan or a cashmere shirt.

3. Choose tweed, cotton and linen

Not all fabrics are alike and some can look more expensive even when they are not. You can often add a lot of elegance to your style by picking clothes in tweed, cotton and linen. A tweed blazer with jeans and a basic t-shirt will look elegant, even when you’ve bought it from the local supermarket rather than Marc Jacobs.Furthermore, avoid faux fabrics, as these can look rather cheap. Silk and silk-substitutes are another fabric which can end up looking rather cheap unless it’s a professional cut. In shoes, pick faux velvet rather than faux leather.

4. Trust classic black

You can often see if an item is a budget-friendly by looking at the cut and the structure of the fabric. If you are wearing light or bright items, the cheapness can be more evident than if you wear a classic black. Whether it’s trousers, shirts or jackets, simply by picking it in black you can add a bit more elegance to the item and fool people into thinking it’s not a budget piece.

5. Invest in a proper belt and bag

You can create a more chic outfit by focusing on quality accessories. It doesn’t matter if your dress isn’t a high-end product if you pair it with a good quality belt. Invest in a good belt and a classic bag to accessorise with. Pick them in classic black and you can turn any outfit into something a bit more fashionable and upscale. If you buy cheap outfits that come with their own belts, swap these with your quality belt to give your dress a makeover. When it comes to finding good quality accessories that don’t cost a fortune, check out retailers such as ASOS and Boohoo. You can often find basic options on sale and ensure you have something to accessorise your outfits with.

6. Take advantage of offers

Fashion isn’t always expensive. Even the biggest brands and designers understand the value of providing discounts. Whether it’s the winter sale or the end of a collection, big brands will run sale campaigns that can help you find classic fashion items for less. Right now, Woodhouse Clothing promotional offers could help you enjoy high-end fashion without the high-end prices. What to look for when shopping sale products? You need to find timeless items that can last the test of time. Classic walking shoes, basic blazers, t-shirts and jeans are the perfect items to find. You shouldn’t buy clothing that’s soon out of fashion – prints or bright colours are a no-no.

7. Tweak cheaper clothing

You don’t always need a high-end garment to look stunning. In fact, you can turn a basic high-street item look designer-like with simple little tweaks. For example, anything with buttons can be up-scaled by swapping the cheap plastic buttons to stone ones. You can often find great buttons from vintage stores or second-hand shops for cheap. Even old rings could be used as buttons, giving your cheap blazer a more stylish look. If you learn a few simple sewing techniques, you can also tweak your items. You can add fake buttons or bows to shirts and skirts. You could even turn a pair of cheap jeans into shorts or use a maxi shirt to make a short midi-dress.

With the above shopping tips in mind, you can shop like a stylist on a student’s budget. You should also remember to keep your garments clean and wrinkle-free. If you focus on these points, you can find classic outfits from the high-street and avoid spending all of your money in order to look fashionable.

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Stay fab!


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