Hey guys! Today’s post is all about the Sleek Studio skincare range. I attended the Sleek Studio Skincare re-launch event and was gifted with the entire skincare line.

Sleek has two skincare ranges, the exfoliating range and the lightening range. I got products from both ranges. Below are the products and I will discuss each of them in detail.

Stay tuned because there is a giveaway at the end of the post!


DSC_0908This is a foaming facial cleanser which is part of their whitening line. Costs N3,500


DSC_0915This is a ‘hydrating and whiting toner’. Part of the same whitening range and costs N3,400


DSC_0920According to the Sleek website, this product is the powerhouse of their range. ‘It is anti-acne, skin healing, skin lightening, sunscreen and also is an excellent makeup base and regular use will significantly brighten your complexion’ Costs N3,350

DSC_0925This is the Gentle Cleansing Foam part of their exfoliating range. It is described as ‘a fresh foaming cleanser that has a clean refreshing fragrance and thoroughly cleans all makeup and dirt from the face.’ Costs N2,900


DSC_0935This facial scrub is described as one of the best products in their exfoliating range. ‘Made from sea salt and dead sea minerals, it indeed scrubs away your troubles, be it acne, pimples, blackheads, dull complexion, dark patches, ingrown hair.’ Costs N2,900



DSC_0944This is a combination of a sunscreen and daily moisturizer. It is described as full of anti ageing ingredients like collagen and hyluronic acid and regular use will keep your skin looking the same 10 years from now (according to them o).



DSC_0950This is an interesting product that I really want to try and I will probably go buy it later. It is an exfoliating night cream that enhances skin renewal which eases the process of dead cell removal to reveal brighter, smoother and softer skin.


DSC_0956This is a booster which means it helps a certain product. It’s to be paired with the NeuSkin Reveal.


DSC_0958One lucky person is going to win all these products (except the exfoilating cleanser and the booster. My mom took those ones away from me).

To qualify for the giveaway, just leave a comment below telling me why you should win. Simple.

Open to those who live in Nigeria. Winner will be announced in two weeks!

Good luck and stay fab!


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I think I deserve it because I’ve been looking for the perfect skin care line for the longest time to no avail. I’d love to try this and see how well this works for me. Also, I’ve never really won anything exactly. And I’d love to this one time… As a huge fan of this site.


Despite the fact that I’m in love with Sleek Powder, I think I should win
because all these products are so amazing, not even one should be left
unused if I want to maintain a good and optimal skin – ranging from the Facial
Scrub, Exfoliating Booster, Daytime Protection, Facial Cleanser,
Exfoliating night cream that enhances skin renewal which eases
the process of dead cell removal to reveal brighter, smoother and
softer skin to mention a few.
Then my conclusion is a Trial will
actually convince me, winning these wonderful products will also be an
avenue to introduce Sleek Skincare Products to friends and loved ones.


I believe I should win because it would do everyone good if I show up at my wedding looking like a million bucks and credit it all to Sleek’s products. Don’t we all agree?


I have used a couple of sleek products to be honest, which i really liked. I also have had a few issues with my face for some time now, and i have tried lots of stuff to no avail, so I would really love to see how these work for me, i have a gut feeling that they would work. Plus it’s a giveaway! Everyone loves giveaways. *Everyone loves makeup/cosmetic giveaways!


I need the product because I have never used any Sleek product. And I have heard so much about their products. I believe giving me this product range will definitely be a way of you advertising their products to me. What’s the use of giving them to someone who has already been using Sleek products? Just freebies? And God knows I will BROADCAST Sleek if I find the products helpful to skin. And I believe your mum did well by taking those one she picked. She sabi good thing.


Oh gosh my skin needs it, i need it! I have the most problematic skin ever and i am now starting a skincare regime that i hope will aid in repairing and maintaining my skin going forward. Hopefully, with these product, i will on my way to having clear, free and healthy skin, i might even be able to leave my house without makeup! That would be a dream come true.
So, fingers crossed, i hope i win.



I just need my skin to right itself. Based on your review, I believe these products will help.


Hey! You won the giveaway!
Email info@omogemura.com with your delivery details!
Yay you!



Thank You, Team Omoge Mura.


Because I need a Skinjuvenation(lol..if there’s any word like that though)


Because I deserve to (finally) glo up.

Please leave me a comment below!

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