Hello everyone

By now, you have read the first post which talks about what happened and why OmogeMuRa went on a long break (two months and a half actually). As explained before, I needed some time to re-strategize, work some things out and officially give myself a vacation. But now, we are back and we are ready to roll!

We also released the new schedule of posts. Everyday will focus on a particular area of the blog be it editorials, reviews, how-tos and so on. Mondays are reserved for us (me and Ed) to share pieces of our lives and our fashion exploits. I’ve decided that the first personal post for the year will be a few snapshots of my life since November up until last week Friday.

Back in November, I started to take care of my skin and taking time to use makeup. I joined reddit and subscribed to two subreddits called MakeupAddiciton and SkincareAddiciton and it’s been the best thing that has ever happened. These are some looks I came up with in my spare time.

My birthday! Celebrated it by going to class and finishing my web design project. Oh and cake! ๐Ÿ˜€

SONY DSCThis was on my last day of grad school! The journey has not been easy but I finally finished my degree in magazine and online journalism. Moved back to Nigeria afterwards to look for a job and/or do NYSC. It all worked out in my favour.


IMG_20131225_111340My brother and I on Christmas day. We participated in a charity drive which gave food, toys and other things to a neighborhood in Makoko. It was very rewarding.

Chef Fregz special and The Naked Convos. Good food, good company and an overall awesome day (Hi Edwin!).

IMG_20140111_192049Then this happened. I’ll leave this for you guys to figure out ๐Ÿ™‚


SONY DSCMy mother and I at my auntie’s introduction ceremony earlier this year. She’s not that short, I’m just wearing heels.


hello-nigeria--zThen something big happened! I got a job as the Senior Features Writer at Hello! Nigeria which is published by True Tales Publications. I also get to contribute to other magazines such as Complete Fashion, Hints and Beauty Box.

My job has given me so many opportunities in just the few weeks I’ve been working there. I met and interviewed Hakeem Kae-Kazim, huge Nigerian movie star who is staring in Black Sails, your new favorite Straz show. I attended the Fashion and Style Day Out at the Polo Club hosted by Genevieve Magazine and also attended Spice TV’s Runway Fiesta. Yup, it’s been awesome.

Part of the awsomeness of my job is that you can get called to be a beauty model for sister magazines. This was for Beauty Box where we show you how to get the perfect two toned/ombre lips. Pick up Beauty Box when it comes out to see everything!

So that’s it from me! Every Monday, I’ll be posting about me and what I do. Kinda like Keeping up With Dee (I need my own show yo!) See y’all around!

Stay Fab!

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. I was very excited about the hints part it is the one Nigerian magazine I know too well. Congratulations!

Any thoughts?

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