Leather jacket: Vanity | Tube top: I forgot ( ._. ) | Grey jeans: H&M | Bag:  Aeropostale | Flats: UrbanOG

Photo credit: Gwen Craig 

Loving fashion and being a fashion blogger doesn’t mean I dress up every single day of my life. Sometimes, I go easy and throw on some jeans, a tee, a nice bag and I’m out the door. These days, my wardrobe isn’t even helping me because it’s getting colder and I don’t have clothes for the weather. Syracuse has some shitty weather; it never makes u it’s damn mind. It’s cold in the mornings, rains in the afternoons and is sunny later. I don’t know what to do anymore than to order more clothes that will help me battle the elements.

And my hair …. it seems to have a mind of it’s own. Last week, it was more blonde than orange. This week, after a shampoo and deep condition, its more auburn/orange. I don’t know what to make of it anymore but I’m going to keep rolling with it. I look fab anyway so yeah … 🙂

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