Omoge Mura - March-2 (533x800)

Denim vest: Forever Favorites | Jeans: Levi’s | Shoes: Zara


Omoge Mura - March-18 (533x800)

Omoge Mura - March-17 (533x800)

Omoge Mura - March-15 (533x800)

Omoge Mura - March-10 (533x800)

Omoge Mura - March-9 (533x800)

Omoge Mura - March-4 (533x800)

Coldplay is an amazing band ans their last album is incredible. The name of this post came from remembering their video for the song. If you haven’t seen the video for ‘Adventure of A Lifetime’, go see it now. You’ll get the reference.

Double denim is bae! It has such an edgy vibe to it and makes you feel/look so cool. Paired with the blue hair, I look like the ultimate bad ass.

Photography by H3Kenny

Stay fab!


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I love the different shades of blue but mostly your hair and shades!! This whole outfit, yes nails included is popping.
I recently styled the double denim trend on my blog, you can check it out!
Double Denim Slayage


Thank you! I checked out our own post and you slayed it! Loving that skirt!


Ayyee thank you dear!

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