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Sunglasses: Dior | Jacket/Cape – Gifted (Kaymu) | Sweater: F21| Skirt: Candies | Shoes: Zara (via Fashpa)

_3K_1918 (533x800)

_3K_1875 (533x800)

_3K_1883 (533x800)

_3K_1894 (533x800)

_3K_1904 (533x800)

_3K_1907 (533x800)

_3K_1913 (533x800)

I discovered ‘NAO’, a black singer from South London, while looking through some playlists I have on my phone. She reminds me a lot of FKA Twigs but her sound is different. There is just something about her voice.

So this is an outfit I have been planning to blog about for a while but something was just missing. When I got the shoes from the Fashpa sale (which was last year), it all came together. Maybe it’s the blue that ties it all together. I don’t know but I like this combo. It makes sense to me.

(yes, my skirt is rumpled. I don’t know how it happened but whatever)

Photos: H3Kenny

Stay fab!


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Love the picture quality.
The third to last one is my favourite 🙂 🙂



Thank you! Finally got a photographer lool!

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