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Photos by Edwin Okolo

September wasn’t a great month for style posts but I’m back and I promise I won’t leave you again.

The title of the post is my second favorite song on Solange’s new album (my favorite is Cranes in the Sky). Now that I have better control over my hair and it’s now looking fleeky, people always want to touch it. A lot of people thought it was a wig (like those u part wigs)  At first, I was okay with people touching my hair but now, I’m not so sure. Let me leave all of my thoughts about that to another post which will come one day.

I was gifted this beautiful off-shoulder ankara dress by Alice of Colors and Grey (I spoke about branding for bloggers at her event). There are several things I love about this dress and the first is the fact that it’s off-shoulder! I love the trend even though Nigerians have possibly killed it now. The print is also so vibrant and so pretty. I love it because it makes a statement.

This dress was made by Sylvia Chioma of SeamplySylvia. Her finishing is amazing and she doesn’t know it but she is about to become my official tailor lool


I attended an event with the squad (Edwin and Coco) and as I was trying to take selfies against this beautiful wall and Edwin was taking photos of me trying to take photos. I kinda like this photo of me. Dunno why.

What do you think of the off-shoulder trend? Should it die or should it stay? Let me know in the comment section below!

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Stay fab!


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