‘Too opinionated for the pacifists, too out of touch to be in style, too broke for the rich kids, I don’t know what normal is’ – Miguel
DSC_0734 (418x800)Dress – Jumia | Bag – Kate Sapde NY | Heeled Sandals – Miskay Boutique

DSC_0717 (533x800)Purple smokey eye on fleek  😉

DSC_0738 (434x800)

DSC_0724 (800x533)

DSC_0725 (800x533)Photos by Edwin Okolo

Miguel’s new album just came out and I think it is fantastic. Just a great mix of RnB and toned down rock music.

One of the songs on the album, ‘What’s normal anyway’, hit me in such a weird spot. The pressure to conform and fit into a box is something I struggle with everyday at work and at home. I’m not the typical news editor in my office, I an not the good yoruba girl my mother wants me to be and I am apparently just a bit weird. But really, what is normal? Who defines what normal is for everyone?

Well, them rules don’t apply to me.

I got this dress from Jumia on a whim and gosh, I love it. I expected it to be a free flowing maxi but it became a tight midi dress as I put it on. Here’s me thinking I lost too much weight.

I wanted to keep the look simple which is why I paired it with my favorite simple heels and my Kate Spade NY bag. Simple stays winning.

Stay fab!


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