“I watch these haters take they shots like they were alcoholics”

you see me Baseball Jersey: Gifted from Kaymu | Legging: NWA Clothing | Shoes: Miskay Boutique | Bag: Asos

DSC_0864 (533x800)

DSC_0858 (533x800)

you see me 2

you see me 4If you didn’t know, Childish Gambino is my favorite rapper. I think he’s the best rapper out there but I’m not ready for that debate. The title of the post, ”You See Me’, comes from the title of one of my favorite songs. It’s basically about how awesome he thinks he is and I agree with it all.

I have never shot a style post in Stranger so I just had to do one there. Stranger is my favorite place in Nigeria and I love it so so much. I’m so sad their closing for renovations. I now don’t have no where to go and chill and just talk. 🙁

Kaymu gifted me this jersey from their Fashion Bloggers Hangout and I’ve been meaning to find a cool way to rock it. I decided to keep it simple and just go with leggings, simple sandals and my favorite bag.

Stay fab!


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I love the pink background. That jersey from kaymu looks awesome!


That’s the magenta room at Stranger; my favorite room in the whole store. I just like to sit there and think with all the color around me.

Thank you about the jersey! I think it’s pretty rad as well.

Any thoughts?