After plenty thinking and editing, I have decided to share my summer 17 music playlist!

If you know me and if you read my 6 ways I like to unwind post, you know I love music. I have always loved music and everything that comes with it. Listening to music, reading music reviews, watching artist interviews, researching lyrics – music is an integral part of my life.

When Tunde and I first started talking, the fact that we had similar tastes in music brought us together and allowed us to bond very quickly. We used to have long conversations about our favorite artists (we once spoke about Frank Ocean’s Blonde for over an hour) and we send each other songs.

I make playlists for different moods and feelings and days but the summer 17 playlist is probable the first playlist I made because of a song. I was inspired to make this playlist when I heard ‘Slide’ by Clavin Harris and it quickly became my song of the summer. Bit by bit over the past two/three months, I played around with the playlist and created what I call the soundtrack to my summer 17. I embedded the playlist with Apple Music below so you can get the preview of the songs but many of them are available to listen on Youtube and Google Play.

Here is my summer 17 music playlist:

1. Slide (feat. Frank Ocean & Migos) by Calvin Harris

This is the song that started it all! Calvin Harris is one of my favorite Djs and Frank Ocean is just a dream on this. Migos came through with the catchy lyrics but my favorite part of this song is the beat. The production is so slick and so smooth. Perfect for riding around Lagos.

2. Kontrol by Maleek Berry

If you know me, you know I’m really not into Nigerian music but the first time I heard Kontrol, I instantly started dancing. This song makes me want to dance the night away. Love the beat and everything about this song.

3. Wild Thoughts (feat. Rihanna & Bryson Tiller) by DJ Khaled

I feel like this song is the perfect summer party song. The beat is infectious, the lyrics are fun and catchy (“I know you wanna see me nakey, nakey, naked”) and you can actually dance to it. It evokes a sense of nostalgia as well because of ‘Maria, Maria’ sample and some people were not happy about it but I am and will always be here for it.

4. California by Childish Gambino

When Childish decided to embrace the funk, a lot of people didn’t like it. At first, I was on their side and I wanted the smart raps back but over time, I fell in love with this side of him. This song represents the slowed down and chilled side of summer; the lazy beach days and long mornings in bed.

5. Come Down by Anderson .Paak

How did I discover Anderson .Paak? I don’t know but I am now here to share the gospel. He is so smoooooth and so fun to listen to. Come Down is maybe my favorite song off his ‘Malibu’ and I say maybe because there are so many good hits on that. Listen to this song and don’t tell you don’t want to dance and move your feet

6. Miyazaki by Gallant

Miyazaki is another slow song for the summer. Perfect for a chill moment or vibe. Gallant’s voice is almost perfect – soft, sweet with a bass that makes you swoon. You should listen to his album ‘Ology’; it’s one of the strongest debuts I’ve ever heard from an artist.

7. Passionfruit by Drake

I only like this song for the beat. It’s the perfect mash of something so chill that makes you want to move at the same time. As someone on Rap Genius said “It’s essentially Hotline Bling with less ridiculous lyrics and a fresh beat.”

8. Naughty Ride (feat. Major Lazer) by Wizkid

I just had to include some Wizkid on my summer 17 playlist. This is my favorite song on the album and it makes me want to wind my waist till thy kingdom come! The beat is smooth (Major Lazer did some great things here) and the lyrics are way better than what is currently out there.

Speaking of nonsense lyrics ….

9. Iskaba (feat. DJ Tunez)

Another song that is only for on this playlist because of the beat. The lyrics are …. nonsense but whenever I hear this song on the radio/at a party/in my office, I automatically start dancing. If you didn’t dance to this song at any party this summer, then you didn’t go to a summer 17 party.

Listen to a preview of my summer 17 playlist below!

Now I want to know, what was your song of the summer? What song describes your summer 17? Do let me know in the comment section below!

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juice by ycee described my summer
thanks for sharing your playlist i already downloaded some songs and i am loving Miyazaki by Gallant


Your welcome! Glad you found some great new stuff to listen to! ^_^

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