I am currently so busy, I have to hide from people just to have time for myself. I’m currently hiding as I’m doing this post and no, I won’t tell you were I am.

So, I’ve always been a tomboy. Even now as I type, jeans and a tee never looked so good to me. But once in a while, I like to wear a dress and be all girly. This particular day, I wore a dress; a beautiful, blue-print maxi dress. I paired it with a denim jacket to add some ‘spunk’ to it and added black sandals, black bag and my favorite hat.

Dress: Lagos Market

Denim Jacket: Thrift store

Bag and shoes: New Look

Hat: H&M

Blowing a kiss to you all! Love you readers!!!

I almost forgot! I’m going to be interviewing Alheri of Maali designs for Omoge MuRa! She and her sister own ‘Maali’, a fashion line that has shown here and London before!  They are both excellent excellent designers. She’s having a fashion show at the SGA concert and I hope to get some pictures of the show! Watch out for that!

Bye! :*

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