Last weekend, I attended the Gemology Paris VIP Spa Experience at Bnatural Spa. Gemology Paris is a skincare brand based in Paris that creates skincare and spa treatments with semi-precious and precious gems. Yes, skincare products with rubies, diamonds, sapphires and more. The creator of Gemology, Chrystelle Lannoy, created the brand after three years of research and is a combination of her two passions, cosmetics and precious minerals.

At the Spa Experience, Tokubo Chinedu, the CEO of Compass Consulting (distributor of Gemology Paris), spoke about Gemology Paris and the benefits of the products.

Compass Consulting also launched the Beauty Think Tank and OmogeMuRa was given a plaque as a member! The Beauty Think Tank is about sharing and testing out beauty products which is what I love. So thank you Compass Consulting ^_^

There was also a demonstration of one of the facial products and I was the model! I was really stoked to get a free facial from Gemology and after the whole experience, my face was soft and I was literally glowing.

View everything from the event below!

DSC_0368 (800x533)

DSC_0366 (800x533)

DSC_0370 (800x533)Some Gemology products

DSC_0379 (800x533)The Beauty Think Tank plaques

DSC_0376 (800x533)

DSC_0371 (800x533)The Hydration Jade and Collagen Mask Box that I got to try.

DSC_0388 (800x533)

DSC_0394 (800x533)My plaque.

DSC_0397 (800x533)Tokunbo Chinedu talking about Gemology

DSC_0399 (800x533)Me getting my facial during the trial

DSC_0404 (800x533)Getting a facial massage

DSC_0403 (800x533)The collagen mask on my face.

DSC_0405 (800x533)Me, Tokunbo Chinedu and the Bnatural Spa staff

DSC_0408 (800x533)At the end, I walked away with two skincare products. One is the Brightening Face Serum and the other is the Lightening Face Cream. I’m currently trying them out and will do a post of my first impressions.

Stay tuned for more about Gemology Paris. I’ll be bringing more about the brand and there will even be a giveaway!

Read more about Gemology Paris HERE.

Stay fab!


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