Hey dolls! Welcome to the weekly beauty review. This week, I will be talking about the Uberchic ville pressed and cosmetic glitters.

Uberchill ville is a Nigerian brand that produces and retails lashes, pressed and loose glitters. They also sell rings, belts, bracelets, brooches, clutches and earrings.

I was sent three glitters – 2 pressed and 1 loose.

uberchic ville

uberchic ville

Irawo can be described as a ‘champagne/silver’ and Ewar can be described as a ‘lilac/purple’. I love how beautiful they are. They pop so well in the pan and on the lid.

uberchic ville

uberchic ville

The loose glitter I got is called ‘Gidi lights’ and it is so so beautiful! I don’t think photos do this product any justice at all. On the website, it is described as a ‘bright blue holographic glitter’.

They also sent a glitter glue to help out with the loose glitter. You see, loose glitter can’t stick on it’s own to skin but pressed glitter can. You need a glue with loose glitter or else, you won’t get the full color payoff from the glitter.

Here are swatches of the pressed glitter and the loose glitter:

The top is without the glue and the bottom is with the glue. See what I mean about needing glitter glue?

Here is a look I did today with ‘Irawo’ on the center of my lids. A tutorial of this look is going up tomorrow so subscribe so you do not miss it – Youtube.com/OmogeMuRa

VERDICT: I love these glitters because the shine is insane and the color payoff is fantastic. My only issue is the the packaging for the loose glitter has no shifter and it makes it very messy to work with.

WHERE TO BUY: You can buy these glitters on their website – WWW.UBERCHICVILLE.COM

Have you ever used any glitter before? Have you ever used any Uberchic Ville glitter before? What do you think of the Uberchic Ville glitters? Let me know in the comment section below!

Stay fab!


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