Hello Little Monsters! It is I, Lady Gaga!!!

The weekend before Halloween, there were a few parties which I attended. For the first time in my life, I dressed up and attended a Halloween party! For the first one, I went as Angelina Jolie at the 2012 Oscars (the whole right leg sticking out of her dress time) but instead, I had a dress with my left leg sticking out. Felt bad for the attention the left leg wasn’t getting so I decided to show it some. 🙂

For the other one, I went as Lady Gaga. I wore this costume that had been modeled after an outfit she wore for a concert during her Fame Monster days. Had a lot of fun and partied it up with my friends.

Click through to see some pictures from the parties I attended.

Me as Angelina Jolie and her left leg
Romney and his binders full of women

My friend Medina went as Medea 🙂

Hope you guys had fun this Halloween season! Don’t forget to vote for us in the Nigerian Blog Awards!


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