Hey guys!

Noticed anything different around here? 😉

OmogeMuRa got a brand new paint job and a brand new flavor! I’m so excited about the new phase of OmogeMuRa.

I don’t know if you guys noticed but for like a week, OmogeMuRa was on a short break. I had to take some time to myself to really figure things out and do a little bit of soul searching. OmogeMuRa has been in an interesting place and it has personally taken a toll on me. I don’t want to go in-depth about it because there is going to be a video about all that tomorrow.  Subscribe to the OmogeMuRa Youtube channel so you don’t miss that and other videos.

Do you like the new site? I was going for a minimalist theme and wanted the photos to be main focus of the site. My old site also had some navigation issues and I was looking to change the site to make it much easier for people to navigate.

I think the most glaring change (apart from the layout and navigation) is the content direction. OmogeMuRa has been having an identity crisis. In the beginning, it was all about fashion and lifestyle news. Then we introduced beauty in 2014 and things started to get messy. It all started getting too much for me and the site was getting really confused and mixed up. At Social Media Week 2017, a panelist said something that resonated with me and made me realize that I needed to rethink my content. I slowly stopped posting lookbooks and other news items and started integrating new content.

Now, OmogeMuRa is about ME – the clothes I wear, the makeup I use, the products I review and the places I go. I’m really excited about the travel part because you guys really like ‘Adventures in Lagos’ and I’m so excited to show you more of the wonderful city of Lagos (and beyond)

Do let me know what you think about the site and if you’re having any issues at all with the navigation and layout. I’m truly thankful for all of you guys. I love you all!

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Any thoughts?

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