Welcome to Omoge MuRa, your dash of fashion, style and life!

‘Omoge MuRa’ (its Yoruba and it means ‘young lady dress up’) is a joint project between Deola Adebiyi (d3ola) and Edwin (@EdGothBoy). Omoge MuRa is just not any other fashion and lifestyle website. It’s more of a blog with passion and personality. We bring you the latest in fashion news, trends, style tips, new collections, campaigns and editorials, plus how fashion affects your lifestyle and its influence in the music of today.  We are not going to be showing news from an ‘African’ point of view but as citizens of the world. So expect fashion related news and such from all over the world and Africa as well.

Here at Omoge MuRa, we have 5 categories or board topics which we wil be posting about. They are:

1. Collections, Campaigns and Editorials – Name explains it all. We bring you the best of international and local coollections, lookbooks, campaigns, cover models and magazine editorials

2. Did you hear? – The latest in fashion news around the world. Say you heard it here first!

3. Fashion in Music – Here, we shall be talking about how current mainstream music affects fashion and trends on and off the catwalk.

4. Style Me! -Say no more! We will be giving you style tips and also let you know the current trends you should be rocking.

5. We play dress up! – Our favorite part of Omoge MuRa, we bring you street style and show you how people take catwalk trends and turn them to stylish and creative outfits. Also here we have our own outfit posts and photo-shoots.

As time goes on, we will expand the website and bring more to you. For now, this is what Omoge MuRa will be bringing to you.

Well, what are you all waiting for? Get reading!

Thanks for visiting and have fun!


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