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I haven’t done a music playlist in a loooooong time but I’m back and better! I’ve decided to do these at least once a month. Maybe even twice – it depends on if new music comes out and what I feel about it. Leave me a comment below on how want music playlist posts. Your wish is my command!

For today’s post, please accept this short and sweet playlist as I haven’t been wowed by any of the new music releases. I didn’t want to put a playlist of old music together so I put together a playlist of some great songs I’ve currently been listening to. Enjoy!

1. Magic by Craig David

Ever since he left his RnB sound behind and embraced his House/EDM/Chill vibes, Craig David has been making magic with his music. I love how his voice stands out on this track – the beat is busy but you still get to hear his smooth voice and move your body along as well.

2. Westin – Lido & J’von

Rap songs about love? Please sign me up! I love rap songs that aren’t about sex, drugs and the likes and Westin is just that. J’von can rap circles around some of your faves and Lido comes through with the great production. Plus, isn’t the artwork so cute? Please listen and let me know what you think.

3. Crazy, Classic Life – Janelle Monae

This song is my current life anthem. Janelle does a great job that capturing that young and wild spirit that a lot of young people have but don’t get to express all the time. I imagine playing this song, loud in my car, on the way to a party and just getting all my life. That rap breakdown at the end is so so good!

4. What’s It Like Now – Mikky Ekko

Remember Mikky Ekko from Rihanna’s hit song, ‘Stay’? Well, he’s back with an amazing EP and he sounds nothing like the old Mikky Ekko. It’s very upbeat, loud and very different from anything out there pop-wise. Give it a listen and you’ll find yourself dancing along.

5. Money Bag – Cardi B

I know I said I wouldn’t include old songs but Money Bag from Cardi B just HAD to be on this playlist. This song is a banger and it’s everything I love about Cardi in one song – bold, confident and literally not giving a fuck about your feelings. Play this song whenever you need to feel like a bad bitch and Cardi will come through for you!

6. Gentleman – Gallant

This song is uber sexy. The beat, the voice – everything about this song is out to seduce you into submission. It’s so so sexy without being crass. I cannot wait for his new album to drop!

Listen to a preview of the songs on Apple Music below!

Let me know what you think in the comment section below! What songs would you recommend I listen to?

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