Turtleneck: Desire1709 | Dress: Studio iMo | Shoes: Fashion71.net

I absolutely love this photo because how happy I look. Everything about this photo works for me.


Edwin (my best friend) has a brand called Studio iMo. He creates artisan knit dresses, tops and constantly dresses me when I ask. I’m grateful to have a talented friend like him who makes beautiful clothes and allows me to wear them when I want.

For today’s post, I decided to put together all the outfits I’ve ever worn from Studio iMo. I’ve combed through my blog, Instagram and more and I think I have everything. I know I don’t have one outfit from the first time we met (the military vest) but I have everything else

From the time I still had a 9 – 5. This was one of the first dresses I ever wore from Studio iMo. I wore it again for my first meet and greet and couple of months later (I’m having another one in Dec, look out for the details of that).

First time I ever wore Studio iMo to fashion Week. I asked Eddy to make me a jumpsuit like a green one Rihanna wore and he did an amazing job. Ever since then, I always wear Studio iMo to fashion week.

I don’t remember when this was but I was at an event in VI. Sometimes, I give Edwin back his clothes and this was one of the pieces I gave back.

For my birthday shoot in 2016, Edwin made me a bikini that I have now lost lool. I don’t know where it is but I think I left it at an ex’s house. Whatever the case, it was a sexy bikini that I loved so so much.

In 2017, I wore Studio iMo twice for Fashion week. On the third day, I wore a green jumpsuit and for day 4, I wore a dress.

For the ELOY Awards last year, Edwin allowed me to pick a dress from his new collection. I picked this beautiful blue dress with draped sleeves. I love it so so much;  it draped my body so well.

On a random day earlier this year, I was taking outfit photos with Edwin and he was wearing a two-toned knitted top. I stole it from him that day and I have never given it back.

I think this is the most famous Studio iMo dress I have ever worn. I wore this dress for the Oceans 8 premier this year and it was a hit! I was really nervous wearing the whole thing but in the end, I loved it so much and I’m glad I wore it.

A few weeks ago, I went on a trip to La Campagne Tropicana with Bookings Nigeria. When I got the email, I Edwin and message and said, ‘I need a pair of pants’. These are the pants that resulted from that conversation ^_^

This dress actually inspired this post. It was made for someone else but I got the chance to wear it and take some fine photos.

Those are all the Studio iMo outfits I’ve ever worn. Which was your favorite? Let me know by leaving me a comment below!

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The blue dress, red dress and sun goddess dress take the cake. You’re absolutely stunning in those! He’s very talented, every piece looks very well done.


Thank you very much! Those are some of my favorites as well ^_^

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