Dress: MyT5S | Shoes: Fashion21.net

Photos taken with the Infinix Hot S3

MyT5S 1

I wore this dress for my ‘Beauty Meets Tech’ Masterclass with Infinix. I wanted something different and bold. The clashing prints worked perfectly with the black heeled sandals and my big hair.

MyT5S 2

MyT5S 3

BTW, I took all these photos on the Infinix Hot S3. The camera quality is amazing! It’s perfect for fashion photos on the go. Plus, you can edit it right away and post on social media. I love my Infinix Hot S3

MyT5S 4

MyT5S 5

Do you know that Tunde actually introduced me to The5kShop? Let me tell you the story!

I needed a dress for an event sometime last year and I didn’t want to spend too much money on it as well. While talking to Tunde about it he goes, ‘Why don’t you check out The5kShop?’

I was like ‘Huh? What’s that?’ and he goes on to explain that they are a fashion store that he follows on Instagram and has even thought of buying me a dress from them.

After a scroll through their page and a few hours later, I bought my first 5kShop dress

Then late last year, I found out about MyT5S (owned by the same company). MyT5S is the more expensive brand but the quality of the clothes are great and every piece I have from them is amazing (the dress I wore for my 2017 Meet and Greet is one of them)

So huge thank you to my boyfriend, Tunde, for leading me to my favorite one of my favorite clothing stores. He might not know much about fashion but he has an eye for amazing things.

What is something interesting or new that someone unexpected put you cialis 20mg on? I never expected Tunde to put me on The5kShop but it is now one of my favorite fashion stores in Nigeria. Let me know in the comment section below!



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You look amazing and I’m amazed by the camera quality.


The camera quality is really fantastic!


I love the gown


Thank you!


Good stuff! I like the 5K shop too, gotten an ktwm from ’em.
I’m considering going to trade in my InfinixHotS for the S3! Do you think they have that service?


I don’t know if they have that service but they do have a trade in service at Slot. You can ask them and they should be able to help you


Lovely dress….. I love the way the prints are mixed


Thank you!!!


Mine was @hairfilliation. I really needed activated charcoal sometimes last year. And a good friend told me to check her out. Her prices are so affordable for anything hair and skin. Right now I’m saving up so I can get clipins (hair extension)


Friends that put you on are the best friends out there!


The camera quality is actually suprising! The dress is lovely definitely going to check out the store


I always shy away from clashing prints but I might give it a try because of you.. you look really amazing in it. Someone introduced me to snapseed and I’ve been hooked ever since.. Lol


Awesom. Love the dress and the hair!!

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