I have all types of apps on my phone but these are my favourite apps. I use them almost everyday and they help organise my life, help me with work and all sorts of other things. Read why these are my favourites below and click the links to download so you can try them out for yourself!

1. Google Keep

As a ‘creative’ with too many ideas in my head, I need to have a note app on my phone to write down ideas, song lyrics, store photos from the internet for later, website links to check out later and more. Google Keep does all that for me and more. It’s simple, straight to the point and very easy to work on. I can type up a note on my phone, get home and work on the notes and ideas on my laptop – it syncs automatically. You can colour code and label all your notes into sections, invite your friends via email to collaborate on a note with you and so much more. It’s just a very good note taking app. It’s available on Android, iOS, and web.


I take a looooooooot of photos and I use a lot of editing apps. My favourite however is VSCO. It has everything you need to edit your photos. Is it beautiful filters you want? VSCO has it. Is it detailed editing tools you want? VSCO got it! VSCO also has a great photography community where you can share your photos, see other photographers photos and get featured on their website and social media channels. It’s available on Android and iOS.

The full list of VSCO tools

3. Unfold

Do you ever wonder how people put together those beautiful InstaStories with overlapping videos and beautiful photo layouts. We use Unfold and it is one of the most popular InstaStories tools around. They have layouts that allow you to put together stories that make you stand out from the crowd. It’s available on iOS




4. Hypetype

Let’s say you don’t want interesting layouts but you’re interested in all those floating words and animated texts. Enter Hypetype, the app that allows you to animate text on video and photos. It’s pretty simple and straight forward. Oh, you can also add music from iTunes to really make your stories pop. It’s available on iOS

5. Eve

There are sooooo many period tracker apps out there but my favourite is Eve. Why? Apart from helping you track your period and symptoms, it has a community of women in different forums where you can talk about ANYTHING related to sex, periods, boyfriends, life and so on. It’s truly the best period tracker app I have used. It’s available on Android and iOS.

6. Gboard

Gboard (by Google) is an amazing keyboard for your phone. It allows you to Swipe to text (you have to see it in action to really get it), integrate GIFs in conversations, Google stuff while texting people. It’s like the better version of a regular keyboard. It’s available on Android and iOS.

7. YT Studio

If you live that Youtube Creator Life, you HAVE to have YT Studio on your phone. It’s like the Youtube Dashboard but on a smaller interface and with real-time updates on your mobile device. Want to reply comments on the go? You can do it with YT Studio. Need to take a video down or make your video live? YT Studio got you. Need to check out your analytics on the go? YT Studio is here for you. Don’t say I didn’t do anything for you! It’s available on Android and iOS.

Those are my favourite phone apps. They help me stay organised, work smarter and keep a handle on my life. With these photography apps, you can edit any kind of photos (even the ones with photography backdrops)Let me know what you think of my apps and share your favourite apps with me. I’d love to discover new apps to try out.

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