I’m back!!! 😃

It has been over two months (since Feb) that I have posted anything on my blog and it wasn’t my fault.

No really, it wasn’t.

Before I give my explanation, I want to say a huge thank you to everyone that reached out and asked me what was going on. I couldn’t really explain it then because I thought it was something I could fix quickly but the past few months have shown that life doesn’t always go the way we want.

Let me explain exactly what happened.

My blog, OmogeMuRa, is hosted on MadDogDomains and when I bought my hosting package, I bought the cheapest one because that was all the money I had. I also thought that the cheapest one was the best option for me because I didn’t envision doing this, blogging, for long.

If only I could see into the future.

The cheapest hosting package isn’t always the best because it has the lowest processing space/power and the lowest memory space. It is this same hosting package that I still use 6 years later because the blog was working and I didn’t feel the need to upgrade to a higher package.

Until now

In Feb, I couldn’t upload images anymore. Plugins refused to update. Jetpack for WordPress kept disconnecting. It was getting harder and harder to blog and all my html/coding knowledge wasn’t helping. I tried so hard to fix everything myself but OmogeMuRa just wasn’t working. I was so sad and bummed out that I couldn’t blog anymore.

I called my hosting company and they told me that part of my hosting package meant that I was on the lowest server and I couldn’t upgrade to a better server with more processing power and space unless I bought I brand new hosting package. I would also have to pay for a website/domain transfer and it would cost me A LOT OF MONEY (about $200+)

First, I ignored the problem and I concentrated on my Youtube channel. The money I had saved up was for my new camera and I couldn’t even withdraw it. Then I decided to move to a completely new hosting company with cheaper but better servers. I paid the money, bought the domain and hosting. For the person to move my site now, became a problem. It became so bad that I tried to do that transfer myself and failed spectacularly. I ended up going back to my old hosting (MadDogDomains) and basically going back to the drawing board.

Me working on the transfer. I finished 30GB of data on this thing

BTW, I still haven’t received my refund

Finally, I did some deep research and poking around on the internet and found a temp fix to the situation. Everything seems to be working now but I still have to move to a higher server. I plan on doing this once my current package expires in Feb 2019 or when I get enough money to do the move. I’ll be moving to cialis 20mg a brand new hosting with better servers, great customer service and amazing tech support.

That’ what happened with OmogeMuRa. This post makes it seem so small and easy but the past few months have literally been hell. I’ve lost a chunk of my income due to this situation and I have a backlog of work supposed to do for brands. I was so scared I lost my blog but now, I’m just happy to have OmogeMuRa back.

Thank you so much once again to everyone who reached out concerned about the blog. Everything is back to normal now (I hope) and new posts will be going up twice a week – Mondays and Wednesdays. There will also be two Youtube videos per week and they will be going up on Thursday and Saturday.  This will give me adequate time to prepare for both platforms.

Thank you all so much! I love you and don’t forget to be awesome!

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