Dress: iMo | Shoes: Can’t remember

Photos by Edwin Okolo

I apologize for the lack of proper photos in this post. We started taking outfit shots for the blog (the first three photos) then it was time for me to be interviewed and we forgot to take more photos.

The ‘1 Night In’ event was slightly confusing because I have been to others and this one was very different. They didn’t do any PR and share the event on social media or on other blogs and platforms. In fact, myself, my friends and the other guest, Nikki (content creator at StyleVitae and model) were the only ones there. I thought it was like the other ones were people would come, ask questions and interact with people.

To the event, I decided to call my best friend Edwin and ask what I could wear from his brand, iMo. Edwin makes all his knitwear pieces by hand so every design is different and is tailored to your body. I love his work because they are different from the norm and you can see how much work he puts into the pieces.

If you’re looking for a great crochet piece by Edwin, follow his Instagram page for some inspiration and holla at him to create what you want – Knitsandimo

What do you think of this outfit? Do you like it? Let me know in the comment section below!

Stay fab!


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Wow. Your friend is talented! It’s a lot of work!



It is! I saw him working one piece and I was awed by his talent!


Such a unique way to wear crochet, but you’ve rocked it!
Aleeha xXx


Thank youuuu!

Any thoughts?