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It’s not a secret that fashion trends are not dictated by overpriced designer brands but by mass market stores like Zara. It’s just safer and cheaper to try a bold trend like boyfriend jeans when their cost doesn’t exceed $50. That’s why this post will be dedicated to the amazing Zara’s shoe department. Simply check out these 10 shoes that are perfect for spring and get some shoe inspiration for the new season.

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1.  High Heel Slides with Pompoms by Zara

Price: $89.90


The combination of a block heel with wood effect and snow-white tassels with fluffy pompoms, covering the mules like snowdrifts, brings to mind a quiet holiday in the cottage high in the mountains.

2. Flat Furry Sandals by Zara

Price: $49.90

Having put your feet into these sandals covered with fur, you will have a feeling as if you have become the owner of two small soft pets!

3. Faux Fur Slides by Zara

Price: $49.90

These flip flops resemble two small delicate sheep with snow-white fur.

4. Gathered Leather Shoes by Zara

Price: $89.90

These shoes resemble ballet flats a lot. They come with a massive block heel – a contrast that draws everybody’s attention from the first glance!

5. Slingback Leather Shoes by Zara

Price: $119

The contrasting borders of black and white look in the idealistic manner and express the strictness of your character.

6. Leather Sandals with Methacrylate Heel by Zara

Price: $89.90

These sandals look as if they have been brought from the past or have been left by an ancient Greek goddess.

7. Flat Shoes with Bow Detail by Zara

Price: $39.90

The office look of these black shoes with pointed toes is somewhat softened by two artsy bows.

8. Sneakers with Bow Detail by Zara

Price: $59.90

You won’t tell they are sneakers by looking at them since tender exquisite bow softens their look immensely!

9. Velvet Bow Slickback Shoes by Zara

Price: $49.90

This is another version of a softened flirty design of office shoes. They look really bold due to their fur insole.

10. Silver Zipped Bluchers by Zara

Price: $39.90

These are the perfect shoes for a true synthpop queen and a must-have for a unique person!

Choose the shoe that suits your look, mood and the event you are going to attend. And remember – whatever shoe you choose, you’ll still be a part of the Fashionable Nation because, this is ZARA!


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